Thursday, February 10, 2011

A double lo!

As promised a double page lo! Whew! It turned out not to be about my "Porn Star" birthday...instead it became a double lo for my B.A.M. book. I'm excited about how it turned out! I used a lo sketch from the always fabulous Cheri at Lets Scrap The journaling is long but for those who are curious I've typed it out! (Italics) T.F.L.!

The pictures I used on this double layout were taken by BigDaddy. I knew the second I saw them I wanted to use them for my B.A.M. book. I decided they were perfect for a lo about my insane year...or @ least the last 4 months of it. I wanted the pics to remind me...I can handle this.

This is the complete double lo....DCWV All Dressed Up pp...cardstock from stash...ribbon from stash stickles everywhere...Martha Stewert punch.

This is a close-up of a stamped then stickled sentiment.

The pain started in Sept. by Nov. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. By Jan I had completed two months treatment with little to no avail. Though I am quite sure something is wrong, I am not so convinced it's so easily dismissible. I have found a small bit of ease now that I no longer have side effects to contend with as well. I have a great fear of loosing myself forever to the insane raving lunatic I have become. Between constant never ending pain and headaches and migraines and fatigue and fevers and...lack luster I can't seem to calm down long enough to think straight.

This is a close-up of page 1.

This is the close-up of a tag I made using stamp and heat embossing!

The anxiety is overwhelming. The panic attacks are exhausting. I quit going places. I quit scrapping. I have begun to fade away. So now I must RAGE!! I must fight to keep me...ME. I must Rage against the dying of the light. It has begun.

I made this little flower with stamping and heat embossing...I love how it turned out!

No matter what the final outcome may be, I will continue to strive to stay true to who I am...I am a loving mother - Not a tyrant who hurts to much to hug.
I am a loving wife. Not a selfish impossible cold loud mean raving bitch. I am the life of the party - Not the quiet meek girl by the wall. I am a sexy confident glittering woman - Not a sweats wearing dull sad looking home maker. I am creative, I am capable of making beautiful.

Close up of page 2!

These things I must remember. I must hang on to them must hold tight to who I am must Rage...against the dying of the light.
So here's to making the most of my own unique loving me and being the best I can! TFL!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm BACK!! Well I'm trying anyway...just to prove I'm really trying to get back to my mental's some lo's and a card I've done in the last couple of days...I have another lo I've done...however it's a just to make sure the secret isn't spoiled I haven't even photographed it! Enjoy and TFL!

I'm not sure why...but the picture would not come out on this and actually show the color....which is Pink and black....this is a "just Because" card for one of my sisters!

This is the first lo from my birthday party...there will be at least two more to come...I'm thinking a double page lo! There are just too many great pics not to do a double! Let's Scrap here I come!

This is a lo of my sister and I at the Heart concert. I used the sketch from Sassy lil' Sketches for this! They are one of my go to sites for sketches! Check em' out if your in need of inspiration!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wanna win a Gypsy!!!???

Check this amazing give away out!! I heard about it from Pinky!

Good morning my amazing crafty friends!
I have a wonderful day planned today which begins with
a SWEET, amazing giveaway from Provocraft!!!

You know I am on the Provocraft Cricut Circle Magazine Design Team
and they just launched the new Cricut Circle Blog.
In the huge celebration they gave me a GYPSY
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Want all the details....including how to enter! Head on over to Pinky's blog!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dirty Scraps challenge #17

Here's my entry for Dirty Scraps challenge #17! If you haven't checked these ladies and their amazing work out you should head over there!

Journaling reads:
I am so proud to say I have been lucky and blessed enough to witness so many of your "moments". There is no way I could ever pick just one or "the one". I remember the moment you took your first breath. I was there the moment you found your hands for the first time. I witnessed the moment you slept for the first time. I was there the moment you had your heart broken by someone you loved and trusted. I was there the moment you realized you had a dad...a real one. I was there the moment you got a home with a family. I was there the moment you had the first real fight with your best friend. I was there the moment you realized yo had musical talent. I was there the moment you got your first trumpet. i was there the moment you got asked out by a boy for the first time. I have been blessed so many times by your amazing moments. I look forwards to many more. Moments of joy, excitement and of course most of all happiness! You have mde so many of my life's moments so much more special just by being you. Love mom

This lo is a bit out of the box for is a piece of clear acrylic over the cardstock and pictures...there are a couple of flowers on top of the clear sheet as well as the journaling and the little beads I used to make the title. I don't usually use so many pictures or leave them some what I'm excited I stepped out of my comfort zone...and I like the turn out!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching up on some challenges!

I got a chance to scrap today during nap time...I even went so far as to neglect the laundry to get it done....hope my family understands! The journaling for this lo reads as follows:

According to you a good mother chooses to live with an abuser rather than push forward and make a better life for herself and her children. I am sure never knowing your granddaughter hurt you very much. I am also sure I did not ever want my child to think that love should hurt. Despite what you may believe love shouldn't hurt. Women don't deserve to be hit. Children don't need to be beaten to learn. I trusted you to love me, to teach me what love was. Then I learned YOUR LOVE HURTS. So it's not for me.

I'm entering this into the following challenges!
Dirty Scraps

Scrap Whispers challenge #74

Sassy lil' Sketches
The lo is based on the new sketch!

ScrapFit Challenge #26

If you haven't checked these sites out please do! The inspiration is abundant!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A hapenstance!

I just happened to pop by sassy lil' sketches today and saw they were having a blog hop...I was so excited by the sketch I couldn't resist doing a lo first! So here is my lo I'm off to hop and hopefully find the treasure!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know it's done!

The scrap room is so close to done I'm calling it good least till I get back to my normal scrapping schedule! So here are some pics! Obviously still needed some clean up when I took these pics...but I cleaned it up a bit over the weekend so I could make a lo for a friends birthday! I'll post it next! TFL!