Thursday, February 10, 2011

A double lo!

As promised a double page lo! Whew! It turned out not to be about my "Porn Star" birthday...instead it became a double lo for my B.A.M. book. I'm excited about how it turned out! I used a lo sketch from the always fabulous Cheri at Lets Scrap The journaling is long but for those who are curious I've typed it out! (Italics) T.F.L.!

The pictures I used on this double layout were taken by BigDaddy. I knew the second I saw them I wanted to use them for my B.A.M. book. I decided they were perfect for a lo about my insane year...or @ least the last 4 months of it. I wanted the pics to remind me...I can handle this.

This is the complete double lo....DCWV All Dressed Up pp...cardstock from stash...ribbon from stash stickles everywhere...Martha Stewert punch.

This is a close-up of a stamped then stickled sentiment.

The pain started in Sept. by Nov. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. By Jan I had completed two months treatment with little to no avail. Though I am quite sure something is wrong, I am not so convinced it's so easily dismissible. I have found a small bit of ease now that I no longer have side effects to contend with as well. I have a great fear of loosing myself forever to the insane raving lunatic I have become. Between constant never ending pain and headaches and migraines and fatigue and fevers and...lack luster I can't seem to calm down long enough to think straight.

This is a close-up of page 1.

This is the close-up of a tag I made using stamp and heat embossing!

The anxiety is overwhelming. The panic attacks are exhausting. I quit going places. I quit scrapping. I have begun to fade away. So now I must RAGE!! I must fight to keep me...ME. I must Rage against the dying of the light. It has begun.

I made this little flower with stamping and heat embossing...I love how it turned out!

No matter what the final outcome may be, I will continue to strive to stay true to who I am...I am a loving mother - Not a tyrant who hurts to much to hug.
I am a loving wife. Not a selfish impossible cold loud mean raving bitch. I am the life of the party - Not the quiet meek girl by the wall. I am a sexy confident glittering woman - Not a sweats wearing dull sad looking home maker. I am creative, I am capable of making beautiful.

Close up of page 2!

These things I must remember. I must hang on to them must hold tight to who I am must Rage...against the dying of the light.
So here's to making the most of my own unique loving me and being the best I can! TFL!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm BACK!! Well I'm trying anyway...just to prove I'm really trying to get back to my mental's some lo's and a card I've done in the last couple of days...I have another lo I've done...however it's a just to make sure the secret isn't spoiled I haven't even photographed it! Enjoy and TFL!

I'm not sure why...but the picture would not come out on this and actually show the color....which is Pink and black....this is a "just Because" card for one of my sisters!

This is the first lo from my birthday party...there will be at least two more to come...I'm thinking a double page lo! There are just too many great pics not to do a double! Let's Scrap here I come!

This is a lo of my sister and I at the Heart concert. I used the sketch from Sassy lil' Sketches for this! They are one of my go to sites for sketches! Check em' out if your in need of inspiration!