Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A truly emotional page.

This was such an emotional page to do. It is the first of many on this subject. It just literally took me 9 yrs to be able to make the first one....and I'm still balling!

The journaling says....

My sister,
How do I say Thank You?
It seems to fall short of my true feelings about this subject.
How do you thank a woman
who trusted you with the most
perfect event of her entire life?
A woman who gave you something
you couldn't have and wouldn't have
without her, I am reminded of your
gentle, kind, and loving spirit everyday.
It lives in the complete emodiment
of the most amazing human being I
have ever met. I see your face in her
smile. I feel you warmth in her hugs.
You and I will forever be connected,
you were connected to her for nine months.
I have been connected with her since
the day you placed her in my arms.
I made you a promise, the promise she
would have a better life than we did.
I have lived and worked every day
to make that promise a reality.
When one day you, her, and I meet
again I hope you see in her the joy,
hope, and innocence we lost so long
ago. I will never be able to repay you
for what you did. I can't imagine the
sacrifice you made. I could never ask
a woman to just give up her heart and
soul. To just release her life's biggest
accomplishment and joy. I will forever
be grateful that you did. Though I know
I will never fully understand the pain and
heartache you must have felt and still feel.
I will never know how a woman can be that
loving, giving, kind and selfless. I can
only strive to show her the example you
have set. As weak and little as it may
seem I can only say Thank You.
Thank you for the Greatest Gift.

Love your sister,