Saturday, May 16, 2009

Challenge # 28 from Scrap whisperers!

This is my entry for a challenge on Scrap Whispers. Challenge # 28. The challenge was: "Challenge 28 is slightly unusual. We want you to split your page in two and create one layout but with 2 different sides to it. So for example - heaven and hell (white and angelic side v red and black side); sunshine and darkness; ying and yang; red and blue on one side, yellow and green on the other; maybe soccer or football team supporters; a little girl who loves all things barbie and pink but who also loves rock concerts or cars; different seasons; That kind of thing."

So I chose to do a page on our wedding cake's. The journaling says: Our cakes couln't have been more different. The wedding cake was espresso flavored. The grooms cake was butter creme flavored. Their were real black eyed susans. The image on the grooms cake was from Ted Neugent's spirit of the wild!