Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scrap Fit's #15 work out!

This is my entry for workout #15 on Scrap Fit's blog site. The object was to tell about a day in your I did what follows the lo is the journaling...the tab with ribbon is some hidden hand written journaling!

An average day in my life may seem simple or perhaps to some even trivial. However to me each day is a welcome bit of joy…mostly due to the various people I may come into contact with…and those I come in contact with each and every day.

I begin each day with a bright and beautiful smile from my daughter, only to be followed by the inevitable argument over what she “think’s” she’s going to wear to school that day. Then we make peace as I get myself around…not dressed exactly…I put on the traditional sweats I will wear to drive her to school and slip on the ugly - used to be while- sneakers I wear for the drive. Then we chat pleasantly about whatever happens to come up. I pick up the other girls in the carpool then drop everyone off at school. I have my first cigarette of the day on my way home alone in the car…yet again wishing there was a law against talk radio…eww I dislike it so. When I get home I let in the girls…dogs that is…they jump around for a bit all excited about spending a whole 30mins outside in the weather. Then I watch as they mosey around and go back to sleep. I make the bed. I take morning vitamins and drink at least a couple glasses of water. Then I make coffee. Get on the laptop and check out all my scrap sites and my face book. Now this part of the day is different every day. At this point I do what I have to…dishes, laundry, vacuumed, clean bathroom, sweep, mop…whatever. Then if it’s a scrap day I will scrap. I will catch up on challenges, or look and leave comments on the numerous blogs I follow. Then I break for lunch.
Then I finish out my afternoon watching a recorded movie I’ve been putting off or just chatting on the phone with a friend or finishing whatever scrap project I have been working on. Then I go pick up the girls. Then it’s just about making sure she is focused on what she should be, homework spelling words, chores. Then he comes home, and I welcome him with a big - I missed you today - kiss. Then it really speeds up…there’s dinner, dishes, talk about everyone’s day…what shall we do this weekend…Hi, lo, and something new around the dinner table, shower time, dessert time and finally tuck in time. Then it’s just me and him…the house is quiet and we can discuss the adult things we need to for the following day. Then our shower time. Finally bed and cuddle time.

So as I said though it may seem trivial or simple to some, I adore my days…all of them and with my amazing family who could blame me!


Jodi said...

You have a definate tallent for putting words together!!! awesome!

and just for the record, I don't think it is trivial at all!!

meluv2scrap said...

AWESOME!!! Oh yeah I posted the winners and I believe you were scrapFIT's blog hop winner. Go check the top right side of the blog or our forum. Thanks for playing with scrapFIT again!

~~Mia~~ said...

Great LO! Love all the journalling, good for you!

Thanks for playing along with us!!!

Laurajean said...

Wowsers girl...your layout is beautiful...such beautiful journaling...U rocked this challenge!!