Saturday, April 17, 2010

I couldn't resist!

I could resist no longer! I spent all afternoon scrapping, not working on my scrap room like I should have been! There were so many wonderful challenges this week and month I couldn't stop myself from jumping in the kitchen taking over the table and making some things happen! I'll be scrappin tomorrow as well so I will have hopefully at least a few more lo's to come! So on to the scrappy rewards for me today!

This is a double lo using pics from our spring break 2010 vacation! It tells the story of how papa and BigDaddy had some explaining to do when they used the only perfectly calm day to go on a hog hunt instead of taking mini-me fishing! They took her out to the dock the next day! This is based on a sketch I found on Scrap-Fit.
I'm entering it in these challenges!
Scrap-Fit April sketch challenge
Scrapjazz April challenge V

This is the card I made for Sassy lil' Sketches card sketch

This is my entry for Dirty ScrapsI love these ladies they always make me dig deep, journal true, and bleed a little!
Journaling reads: No More Drama

To say this time of your life was dramatic would be an understatement. It all began when I got a letter, one afternoon, from Randall Brookings. The letter is part of this lo. After reading the letter I spoke to your dad about what we should do and how to handle the situation. We decided the decision, however unfair, was really yours to make. You would have to decide to get a new dad or stay with the one who didn’t want to be a father anymore. I was so incredibly torn for you…I tried to make sure you knew it wasn’t your fault…it wasn’t.
When a man calls himself a father for 10yrs then wakes up one morning and decides he no longer wants a simply perfect human being, a human so eager to love and be loved with no ulterior motives, he is no man you should give thought to. You are a perfect human being. You are eager and willing to give and receive love. You made what truly must have been a heartbreaking decision.

I hand you the letter:

You got huge tears in your eyes and said “Does this mean he doesn’t want me”
I said “He just doesn’t want to be a father anymore”
You “Why not”
Me “I don’t know”
You began crying and I cuddled you in between BigDaddy and Me
Me “ I know you are hurt and I know you are angry and you have every right to be. You can feel anyway you want to and it’s ok. You can yell or scream, if you would like you can write a letter to him and tell him how you feel. I know you don’t feel good right now, but I want to tell you about the decision you have to make. You must now decide if you want to keep the father you have, or you could ask BigDaddy to adopt you. Take your time and think about it for however long you want to.”

You looked at me and then at BigDaddy then back to me.
You “ I want BigDaddy to adopt me”
Me “ You can ask him”

You looked up at BigDaddy with great big Alligator tears in your eyes.
You “ Will you adopt me?”
Big Daddy “ I would love to adopt you anytime

You hugged BigDaddy tight around the neck I cried.
You and BigDaddy cried.

The very next week you went to school and began telling everyone you were getting a new dad and a new last name. You and BigDaddy were so very excited the entire 2 ½ months it took to get it done.

After all the drama you had to go through all the time Randall Brookings had done to make you cry or feel left out or alone….you were finally free…free of the fear….free of the anger…free of the loneliness…free of the want for a complete real family where you were the center piece…a feeling every child born has a right to. You were free of all the DRAMA!



Katie said...

I came here to check out your Sassy card and wound up with tears. Sure sounds like your daughter and Big Daddy are lucky to have each other.

Wonderful card & layouts!

Sassy, ScrapFIT DT

Dayna said...

Oh my goodness this just breaks my heart!! Like Katie said, I came to check out your LO and ended up with tears in my eyes.
Very beautiful LO! I'm so happy that your daughter has a BigDaddy in her life:)

MoMo sprnany said...

Thank you so much ladies! It's a tender tear jerking story for our family as well!

craftykat said...

I love the journaling you include on your layouts. It goes beyond the "here you are having a good time, etc.." you delve deeper into the memories- sometimes painful, but that's what will make your albums more than pretty pages, it truly makes them memory books, and that will be cherished by your family. - and what a precious story of your daughter getting her REAL father- the one who will love her with no limitations, what a blessing to come out of pain.

Carla said...

Love love love that this you did this challenge, and what a great way to get it all out there. Rock on girl.....the journaling was very heart felt and brought tears to my eyes.

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for sharing..
It's not easy to share details like these.. and I'm so glad you get this scrapped!
Wonderful piece of work!

MoMo sprnany said...

Thank you ladies!

Liz Weber said...

Hi Monica, so happy for your daughter and you are brave to share the story.

Your card is so pretty, creating is good for the soul.

Thanks so much for playing along with us at Sassy Lil Sketches.

Laurajean said...

Good for you for getting this on paper...thanks for playing along with us at Dirty Scraps...your layout ROCKS girl :)