Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exciting new developments!

I am so excited to be posting this blog!! I am just hours away from having my scrap room move in ready!! We bought all the rest of what we needed tonight to finish it this weekend...this thing has taken forever, due to circumstances beyond our control. So to have all we need and be so far on it already I'm excited and So ready to be organizing and sorting! The whole process has been complicated this weekend by some unusual happenings. Okay now the reason this blog is on my "Scrappin' Blog" and not on my "family Blog" is because the reason I didn't have my camera with me for all the unusual going's on around here this weekend is I have no scrap I don't leave my camera in a place where I upload and print pics for scrappin' so I forget it! It bugged me so with everything else that went on around here this weekend...and there was a lot more...(on the family blog) I was intent on getting it finished. So from these pics you can see it's all been colored the base color...I will be touching up and doing the trim tonight for the rest of this evening...I'm so excited to switch colors! First thing tomorrow I'll tape off the walls and get my "lo" wall and other walls done with all the little details...then it's about getting the furniture in. The actual moving supplies in will happen all next week during nap time. I've prepared for some little I need's...So I think I'll be ready by next weekend to begin scrapping! Have a great Father's day everyone!


Marlene said...

Oooh...I hope you're going to post some piccies when it's all done! How exciting!!! :)