Monday, May 24, 2010

No scrap...just a rant!

I know it's been's been crazy...I don't have anything crafty to share today... and unfortunately it may not be till this weekend that I can scrap so keep an eye out this weekend. As for now I have a bitch...I know it's uncommon for me to be so blunt and crude...but I mean really...ok so I go to the scrap store this weekend...which I don't do much of any way...I go with the intention to buy some misters and some copic markers...I have won a digi image that should be here anytime I wanted to be prepared...I find that the mists are over $7 a piece...the copic markers are over $6 a piece...WHAT THE HELL!! Are you people crazy! Am I crazy! I mean really I understand I'm new to the digi stamps thing...I've never even held one in my hand, but come on...I cannot possible be the only scrapper in the world who thinks this is an outrageous amount to pay for a marker...or a spray bottle of ink. For some silly reason I was thinking they would be like stickles...a couple two or three dollars...which I feel is over priced, but dooable...this on the other hand is just nuts!! No wonder I've been trying to win these things so bad...even before I knew what they were...don't judge me I am an equal opportunity freebie whore...if it's free I'll find a use for it. So I have made my rants public now I ask you my bloggy my store way over priced? Am I really that much of a tightwad? Do you think the price is fair? Anyone know where I can win some of these goodies? lol! Ok I feel better now!

Like I said I will be trying to scrap this week, but it may not be till this weekend. So keep an eye on me and let me know what you think about this copic/misting situation! Love to you all!


Marlene said...

Copic markers ARE very expensive. The usual retail price is $6.49 each. I get mine at the local art store, where they're around $5.31 a piece (with their lower price and my 10% discount card). That's for the sketch markers. You can pick up Ciao markers (same thing, but less ink in them) for less than $4 if you look online.

They're alcohol ink markers, hence the expense. They're also refillable (so you never have to throw them out) - and the ink in them lasts A LONG LONG time.

Hope that answers some questions....but yes, I will agree it can be a shocker.

Want a cheaper alternative that looks (in my opinion) just as good? Get yourself some nice Prismacolor colored pencils and some odorless mineral spirits (I use Gamsol) for blending.

MoMo sprnany said...

Hmmm I have a feeling if I understood a word you said I would have just learned something new and thrilling!! lol! No but seriously thank you for the info Marlene...I'm gonna try to do some research and figure it all out!